Book List

Winter 2024 Book List | A list of fiction titles to be published for the winter of 2024, recommended by your EPL librarians. Download the printable list here.

Spring 2024 Book List | A list of fiction titles to be published for the spring of 2024, recommended by your EPL librarians. Download the printable list here.

February 2024

The Warm Hands of Ghosts 
Arden, Katherine

During the Great War, a combat nurse searches for her brother in this hauntingly beautiful historical novel with a speculative twist.

Book: Gods and DragonsThe Boy Who Cried Bear 
Armstrong, Kelley 
Det. Casey Eric feel at home and they know how to navigate the woods and its various dangers, other residents don’t.
Book: Son of SveaFourteen Days 
Atwood, Margaret 

A novel where each character has been secretly written by a different, major literary voice - from Margaret Atwood and John Grisham to Emma Donoghue.

Book: Brown GirlsGirls with Bad Reputations
Axelrod, Xio 
All her life, Kayla heard the same refrain: Don't be so loud. Don't act so wild. Don't take up so much space. Now she's the beating heart of an up-and-coming rock band…and the whole world is going to know her name.
Book: BibliolepsyFangirl Down 
Bailey, Tessa 
When a key witness goes missing, Quinn and Costa must find her before a killer silences her for good.
Book: The Stars Are Not Yet BellsRight on Cue 
Ballard, Fallon 
A former actress-turned-screenwriter finds herself back in the spotlight, only for her romantic lead to be the one man she can’t stand.
Book: Bye Bye BabyPaper Cage 
Baragwanath, Tom 
When children start going missing in her small-town Lorrain Henry pays attention, especially since she has a small nephew and the police seem to not care. When her nephew becomes one of the missing and Lorraine is determined to find him.
Book: Outcasts of the WildwoodReady or Not
Bastone, Cara 
A surprise pregnancy leads to even more life-changing revelations.
Book: The Last Mrs. SummersDeath of a Spy 
Beaton, M. C. 

Sergeant Hamish Macbeth faces a string of mysterious robberies that are only the beginning of an international threat to his sleepy Scottish village.

Book: The Girl Who Could Breathe Under WaterThe Tainted Cup 
Bennett, Robert Jackson 
An eccentric detective and her long-suffering assistant untangle a web of magic, deceit, and murder in this sparkling fantasy reimagining of the classic crime novel.
Book: Her Hidden GeniusThe Atlas Maneuver 
Berry, Steve 
Cotton unravels a mystery from World War II involving a legendary lost treasure, Yamashita’s Gold, worth billions.
Book: Show Me the BunnyThe Deepest Kill 
Black, Lisa 
Rachel and Ellie look into the mysterious death of the daughter of the third richest man in America.
Book: The Shattered SkiesDouble Grudge Donuts 
Bolton, Ginger 

’Tis the season for desserts, but someone naughty on Santa’s list has come to town.

Book: Yinka, Where Is Your Husband?The Frame-Up 
Bond, Gwenda  
A magically gifted con artist must gather her estranged mother’s old crew for a once-in-a-lifetime heist.
Book: Good Rich PeopleThree-inch Teeth 
Box, C. J.
Wyoming game warden Joe Pickett faces two different kinds of rampaging beasts—one animal, one human.
Book: Find MeFive Furry Familiars 
Cahoon, Lynn 
Mia Malone is working at a ski lodge, but when her roommate’s ex checks in, everything starts going downhill.
Book: Iron AnnieThe Diamond and the Duke 
Caldwell, Christi 

A wounded soldier finds unlikely friendship with a headstrong beauty.

Book: The Last House on the StreetUnder the Storm
Carlsson, Christoffer 
After a house fire a young woman is found murdered. For ten-year-old Isak it sets in motion something he can’t control, igniting his future.
Book: The Last House on the StreetActs of Forgiveness
Cheeks, Maura 

A family grapples with how much of their lineage they’re willing to unearth in order to participate in the nation’s first federal reparations program.

Book: The School for Good MothersThe Hollow Dead 
Coates, Darcy 
Keira remembers two things: that she can speak with the dead, and that sinister mask-wearing men are hunting her. 
Book: Hot and Sour SuspectsA Haunting in the Arctic
Cooke, CJ 
A deserted shipwreck off the coast of Iceland holds terrors and dark secrets.
Book: The BeholdenA Catered Quilting Bee
Crawford, Isis 

Bernie and Libby Simmons return for another culinary cozy with catering, dogs, and murder.

Book: A Stranger's GameThe Adversary
Crummey, Michael
Abe Strapp is about to marry to cement his hold on the shore when the Widow Caines arrives to throw the wedding and Abe's plans into chaos.
Book: A Killer SundaeA Redwood Court
Dameron, DeLana R A 

A breathtaking debut about one unforgettable Southern Black family, seen through the eyes of its youngest daughter as she comes of age in the 1990s.

Book: Honey RoastedLast Seen in Havana
Dovalpage, Teresa

A Cuban American woman searches for her mother and fights to restore a crumbling Art Deco home in the heart of Havana.

Book: The Magnolia PalaceUnion Station
Downing, David 
Journalist John Russell is adrift in a McCarthy-era Los Angeles until his research into a wartime conspiracy brings him face-to-face with the perilous instability of a post-Stalin Berlin.
Book: Getting His Game BackOnce Persuaded, Twice Shy
Edwards, Melodie
A Modern Reimagining of Persuasion.
Book: A Three Book ProblemLeopard’s Hunt 
Feehan, Christine 

Animal attraction takes over in this exhilarating Leopard novel.

Book:Mrs. MarchCrime and Cherry Pits 
Flower, Amanda 
When the death turns out to be more suspicious than a cherry pit down the wrong pipe, Shiloh finds herself under local law enforcement's microscope.
Book: Murder on Prescott MountainThe Partner Plot 
Forest, Kristina 

Two former high school sweethearts get a second chance in this marriage of convenience romance.

Book: Mermaid ConfidentialA High Tide Murder 
George, Emily 
The newest installment in the Cannabis Café cozy mystery series.
Book: Strangers I KnowI See Buildings Fall Like Lightning 
Goddard, Keiran 
A novel about five friends whose lives are shaped by the brutality of a world that doesn't value them - and the different choices they make.
Book: Life FlightThe Smoke in Our Eyes 
Grady, James 
When a car accident shatters ten-year-old Lucas's world, he finds himself confronting crime and vengeance, humor and heroism, all against the backdrop of growing up.
Book: Cutthroat DogsThe Chaos Agent 
Greaney, Mark 

Artificial intelligence leads to shockingly real danger for the Gray Man.

Book: Small WorldThe Women 
Hannah, Kristin 
The Women is the story of one woman gone to war, but it shines a light on the story of all women who put themselves in harm’s way to help others.
Book: Greenwich ParkBride
Hazelwood, Ali 
A dangerous alliance between a Vampyre bride and an Alpha werewolf becomes a love deep enough to sink your teeth into.
Book: Savage RoadEveryone Who Can Forgive Me is Dead 
Hollander, Jenny 

Nine years ago Charlie fled from the “Scarlet Christmas. Now she’s back and she’s not going to let anything get in her way.

Book: The Mitford VanishingSisters of Fortune
Huber, Anna Lee 

A novel set on the legendary ocean liner that includes actual stories and anecdotes from the Titanic, as it tells of three well-to-do sisters, each at a crossroads in her life.

Book: Crimes and CoversLone Wolf 
Hurwitz, Gregg 
Struggling with an personal crisis, Evan goes back to the basics of his mission and helps a little girl who wants him to find her missing dog.
Book: A Heart AdriftA Fate Inked in Blood 
Jensen, Danielle 
A shield maiden battles to unite a nation under a power-hungry king - while fighting her growing desire for his fiery son.
Book: SeoulmatesThe Kamogawa Food Detectives
Kashiwai, Hasashi 

Down a quiet backstreet in Kyoto exists a very special restaurant. Run by Koishi Kamogawa and her father Nagare, the Kamogawa Diner serves up deliciously extravagant meals. But that's not the main reason customers stop by.

Book: Much Ado About a LatteThe Ghost Orchid 
Kellerman, Jonathan 

Alex and Milo must confront LA's darkest side as they unravel a trail of deadly secrets.

Book: One Step Too FarThe Lantern's Dance 
King, Laurie R. 

Mary and Sherlock are caught up in a case that turns both bewildering and intensely personal.

Book: Gods and DragonsKeep Your Friends Close 
Konen, Leah 
Strangers on a Train meets The Family Next Door in this page-turning thriller by the author of The Perfect Escape.
Book: Son of SveaMy Beloved Life 
Kumar, Amitava 

A novel that tells the story of modern India, through the life of one apparently ordinary man, from the death of Gandhi to the rise of Modi.

Book: Brown GirlsSun of Blood and Ruin 
Lares, Mariely 
This reimagining of Zorro features a heroic warrior sorceress.
Book: BibliolepsyThe Catch 
Lea, Amy 

A grumpy lobster fisherman tosses a fashion influencer’s impeccably curated life overboard.

Book: The Stars Are Not Yet BellsAmong the Living 
Lebbon, Tim 
A terrifying novel set in a melting Arctic landscape. Something deadly has lain dormant for thousands of years, but now the permafrost is giving up its secret.
Book: Bye Bye BabyNight for Day 
Lim, Roselle 
Two people destined to be together, but to never see each other again, fight against the greatest odds.
Book: Outcasts of the WildwoodThe Book of Love
Link, Kelly

Three teenagers become pawns in a supernatural power struggle.

Book: The Last Mrs. SummersThe Road from Belhaven 
Livesey, Margot 

A novel about a young woman whose gift of second sight complicates her coming of age in late-nineteenth-century Scotland.

Book: The Girl Who Could Breathe Under WaterThe Summer Book Club 
Mallery, Susan 

The rules of summer book club are simple: No sad books - No pressure - Yessssss, wine!

Book: Her Hidden GeniusMeant for Me 
Marley, Tay 

Reeling from the death of her sister Addie May flees to Texas where farm hand Zac starts to cut through the pain and grief and show her she has something to live for. 

Book: Show Me the BunnyMrs. Gulliver
Martin, Valerie 

A surprisingly inventive tale of female subversion and agency in a patriarchal world, with two brilliantly crafted protagonists to root for.

Book: The Shattered SkiesTo Cage a God 
May, Elizabeth 

Using ancient secrets, Galina and Sera’s mother grafted gods into their bones. Bound to brutal deities and granted forbidden power no commoner has held in a millennia, the sisters have grown up to become living weapons. Raised to overthrow an empire―no matter the cost.

Book: Yinka, Where Is Your Husband?Smoke Kings 
Mayfield, Jahmal 
Nate Evers struggles with rage when his little cousin is murdered so he leads 3 grief-stricken friends on a mission of retribution.
Book: Good Rich PeopleThe Resort 
Ochs, Sara 

Scuba diving instructor Cass leads her students out for their first dive, but things quickly spiral out of control.

Book: Find MeMurder at an Irish Chipper 
O’Connor, Carlene 
A holiday by the sea gets put on hold as they help the local garda apprehend an elusive killer.
Book: Iron AnnieA Wild and Heavenly Place 
Oliveira, Robin 

A sweeping story of star-crossed lovers and the birth of Seattle.

Book: The Last House on the StreetDixon, descending 
Outen, Karen 

After tragedy hits during Dixon’s attempt to climb Mt. Everest he finds when he returns home that his world has shifted and he must confront the truth of what happened.

Book: The Last House on the StreetThe Guest 
Paris, B. A. 

Iris and Gabriel have just got home to find Laure, in their house - sleeping in their bed, wearing Iris' clothes, even rearranging the furniture. 

Book: The School for Good MothersCrosshairs
Patterson, James and James O Born

Michael Bennett faces his most terrifying killer ever. It could be anyone. They could be anywhere.

Book: Hot and Sour SuspectsSex, Lies, and Sensibility
Payne, Nikki 
Two sisters roll up their sleeves to run a dilapidated inn but must learn to work with the locals in this deliciously spicy novel inspired by Sense and Sensibility.
Book: The BeholdenThe Price You Pay
Petrie, Nick 

Peter Ash must follow his closest friend into the criminal underworld when secrets from the past threaten everything they hold dear.

Book: A Stranger's GameSimply the Best 
Phillips, Susan Elizabeth 
A successful sports agent and the sister of his biggest client engage in a take-no-prisoners battle of the sexes.
Book: A Killer SundaeThe Phoenix Crown 
Quinn, Kate 

An unforgettable narrative about the intertwined lives of two wronged women, spanning from the chaos of the San Francisco earthquake to the glittering palaces of Versailles.

Book: Honey RoastedLast Night
Rice, Luanne 

A breathtaking thriller about a family shaken by lies, vengeance, and a cold-blooded crime.

Book: The Magnolia PalaceThis Disaster Loves You 
Roper, Richard 

A poignant and funny story about a man whose wife disappeared seven years ago and his journey to find her or find out what happened.

Book: Getting His Game BackThe American Daughters 
Ruffin, Maurice Carlos
A gripping historical novel about a spirited girl who joins a sisterhood working to undermine the Confederates.
Book: A Three Book ProblemFish Out of Water 
Ruggle, Katie 

When Dahlia’s sister goes missing in the Rockies she needs to convince local hermit, and survival expert Winston, to be her guide on an adventure she’ll never forget.

Book:Mrs. MarchOne Wrong Word
Ryan, Hank Phillippi 
One word can ruin your life. And now crisis management expert Arden Ward knows that first hand.
Book: Murder on Prescott MountainFur Love or Money 
Ryan, Sofie 

Secondhand shop owner Sarah Grayson and her rescue cat, Elvis, sniff out the suspects.

Book: Mermaid ConfidentialHeartbeat
Sala, Sharon 
Sean Pope already lost Amalie Lincoln once. This time, he will risk everything to never have to say goodbye to her again.
Book: Strangers I KnowGone with the Witch 
Sanders, Angela M. 

A spellbinding heroine, a clever cat familiar, colorful local, and of course, murder.

Book: Life FlightGhost Island 
Seeck, Max 

On a secluded island, homicide detective Jessica Niemi must investigate a drowning that is tied to a frightening ghostly legend.

Book: Cutthroat DogsNowhere Like Home 
Shepard, Sara 

When Lenna gets a call to join a mysterious “mommune” she finds her worst fears are confirmed.

Book: Small WorldNightwatching
Sierra, Tracy 

A razor-sharp thriller about a mother forced to the breaking point when her life and the lives of her children are threatened by an intruder.

Book: Greenwich ParkThe Briar Book of the Dead 
Slatter, A. G. 

Ellie Briar is the first non-witch born into her family for generations, but when she develops an unexpected ability to speak to the dead she uncovers sinister family secrets that threaten to destroy everything her family has built.

Book: Savage RoadThe Spy and I 
Smith, Tiana 

After a case of mistaken identity, one woman must work with her sister’s sexy spy partner to save the world in this heart-pounding romantic comedy.

Book: The Mitford VanishingNothing Without Me
Takhar, Helen Monks

The gripping tale of a film director with a shadowy past, her missing lead actress, and the disturbing cost of fame.

Book: Crimes and CoversQueens of London
Webb, Heather
Queens of London is a look at Britain's first female crime syndicate, the ever-shifting meaning of justice, and the way women claim their power by any means necessary.
Book: A Heart AdriftOurs 
Williams, Phillip B.

Meet Saint, a fearsome conjuror who, in the 1830s, annihilates plantations all over Arkansas to rescue the people enslaved there.

Book: SeoulmatesA Love Song for Ricki Wilde
Williams, Tia

A swoon-worthy love story of two passionate artists drawn to the magic, romance, and opportunity of New York.

Book: Much Ado About a LatteMurder in Masquerade 
Winters, Mary 

Countess turned advice columnist Amelia Amesbury finds herself playing the role of sleuth when a night at the theater turns deadly.

Book: One Step Too FarVillage in the Dark 
Yamashita, Iris 

Det. Cara Kennedy thought she’d lost her husband and son in an accident, but evidence points to murder--and she will stop at nothing to find the truth.