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Wheeler Diary

Nettie Wheeler Diary
Nettie E. Wheeler, the first librarian at the Elyria Public Library, kept this diary. In it, she discusses the day the library opened and her other duties, including making a carpet for the library’s office...

1st Elyria Library
Inside View

1st Elyria Library view

On the north side of the square, the Elyria Library was an important part of town life. The library and most of its contents were lost in the terrible fire of 1873. When the Commercial Block was rebuilt, the library returned to its original location on the second and third floors overlooking Broad Street. Electric lights and a ceiling fan were installed in 1901.

Dr. Karl Reefy Home
Dr. Karl Reefy Home
Became Elyria Public Library
in 1929

140 years of service

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