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2014 Winter Fiction List



Allen, Sarah Addison  Lost Lake  Newly widowed Kate travels to Lost Lake Cottages in Suley, GA looking for some magic for herself and young daughter Devin. Kate once spent a lovely summer at Lost Lake and thinks that returning may give her a chance to heal, but at first it seems that time has marched on. The past, however, manages to emerge in unexpected and joyous ways.

Allende, Isabel  Ripper  Amanda Jackson doesn’t so much identify with her mother, good-hearted holistic healer Indiana, as with her father, who’s divorced from her mother and serves as the SFPD’s deputy chief of Homicide. A fan of crime fiction and the online mystery game Ripper, MIT-bound Amanda indulges in a little investigating of her own when murder starts breaking out all over town. Then her mother disappears.

Bradley, Alan  The Dead in Their Vaulted Arches  Preadolescent sleuth Flavia de Luce is back, solving another crime in Bishop’s Lacey, England, and getting closer to the mystery of her mother’s disappearance.

Chiaverini, Jennifer  Mrs. Lincoln’s Rival  In past novels, Chiaverini introduced us to Kate Chase Sprague, who helped her much-widowed father get established as secretary of the Treasury in Abraham Lincoln’s cabinet and ended up marrying charismatic Rhode Island governor William Sprague. Alas, she shone so brightly in Washington society that she threatened to eclipse Mary Todd Lincoln, and therein lie’s Chiaverini’s tale.

Childs, Laura  Eggs in a Casket  While Petra handles the breakfast rush at the Cackleberry Club, the café’s other two owners, Suzanne and Toni, head to Memorial Cemetery to help prepare for its 150th anniversary celebration. But as the search the winding paths for the historical society tent, they discover something else out of place: the body of ex-prison warden Lester Drummond lying face down in someone else’s freshly dug grave.

Clark, Mary Jane  That Old Black Magic  What better place for popular Clark heroine Piper Donovan to perfect her cake-decorating skills than Boulangerie Bertrand in the famed French Quarter of New Orleans? Alas, after a particularly awful murder upsets the city, she finds herself chasing down the “Hoodoo Killer.”

Cornwell, Bernard  The Pagan Lord  Alfred the Great’s beloved warrior Uhtred finds himself out of favor with the new king, Alfred’s son Edward. So he’s leading a ragtag bunch in an effort to recapture his old home, the Northumbrian fortress Bebbanburg, even as the Viking Cnut Longsword prepares to invade.

Doctorow, E.L.  Andrew’s Brain  Doctorow’s latest novel focuses in tightly, giving us the conversation of a protagonist named Andrew with an unknown other in an unknown place, which allows Andrew to deliver not so much a sense of his life as the life of his mind as he reconsiders his hopes, his dreams, and his wrong turnings.

Dolan, Harry  The Last Dead Girl  A prequel to Bad Things Happen  that explains why protagonist David Loogan tried to find anonymity as the editor of a mystery magazine. It all started with a beautiful young law student with a nasty bruise on her face who happens to end up dead.

Dorsey, Tim  Tiger Shrimp Tango  Another wacky crime caper from Dorsey, whose protagonist, Florida booster and serial killer Serge Storms, is outraged when a particularly noxious scam leads to several deaths and the disappearance of a young woman. To save her, Serge joins forces with perpetually deranged sidekick Coleman and new buddy Mahoney for one unique road trip.

Doyle, Roddy  The Guts  You bet Jimmy Rabbitte has guts. In the 1980s, he aspired to bringing soul music to Dublin by forming a band called the Commitments, a rough-and-ready blue-collar bunch. Decades later, he’s happily married but undone by a recent cancer diagnosis, so he journeys to the past, reuniting with Commitments guitarist Liam “Outspan” Foster and eye-catching backup vocalist Imelda Quirk, as well as long-lost brother. And he learns to love being a father again.

Feehan, Christine  Dark Wolf  The breathtaking story of two lifemates, 19 year old human Skyler Daratrazanoff and nearly immoral Dimitri Tirunul, continues as the bonds of family are imperiled, and the fate of the two lovers lies hidden in the seductive shadows between life and death.

Finch, Charles  The Last Enchantments  Recent Yale graduate William Baker heads to Oxford when the political campaign to which he has dedicated himself founders, leaving behind the beautiful, hard-driving love of his life. All he wants is a year off, but instead he meets a passel of intriguing characters, from a rap-loving Indian economist to charming but classically snobbish flatmate Tom. Then there’s Sophie, who forces William to reconsider everything.

Gardner, Lisa  Fear Nothing  Badly injured as she investigates a crime scene, Det. D.D. Warren has not yet returned to work but still hunts for Boston’s latest serial bad guy, the Rose Killer, who leaves behind a single rose and a bottle of champagne and seems to be emulating long-dead killer Harry Day. Day’s daughter, herself a notorious murderer now in prison, claims that she can help catch the guy.

Golden, Christopher  Snowblind  Folks in the New England town of Coventry lost loved ones during a terrible blizzard 12 years previously. Now a new storm is arriving, and the ghosts are arriving, too.

Grimes, Martha  The Way of All Fish  Hitmen Candy and Karl have been asked to take out literary agent L. Bass Hess but are reluctant to do so until they learn that he is suing author Cindy Sella for a commission on her previous novel, though she’d fired him before it was published. Then they think up clever ways to get him out of town.

Harris, Robert  An Officer and a Spy  Paris, winter 1895. Georges Picquart is the ambitious, intellectual, recently promoted head of the counterespionage agency that helped convict Dreyfus of treason. Picquart believes in Dreyfus’s guilt, but gradually comes to suspect that a spy remains at large in the military.

Katzenbach, John  RED 1-2-3  Three women targeted by a killer called the Wolf have nothing in common except their vibrant red hair. Initially strangers, they bond in an effort to snare their predator.

Kidd, Sue Monk  The Invention of Wings  Ten-year-old slave Hetty “Handful” Grimke is given to Sarah Grimke (a real-life figure) on Sarah’s 11th birthday. The narrative follows the girls over the next 35 years as they grow to maturity in the antebellum South: Handful suffers loss but finds herself and Sarah finally breaks away from her wealthy Charleston family to join in the abolitionist and women’s rights movements.

Knott, Robert  Robert B. Parker’s Bull River  No sooner have itinerant lawmen Virgil Cole and Everett Hitch captured the bad guy Capt. Alejandro Vasquez when he becomes the key to solving a bank robbery in which two battling brothers and the daughter of a millionaire are implicated.

Kramer, Julie  Delivering Death  Even as TV reporter Riley Spartz’s boss demands coverage of a Mall of America wedding to boost ratings, a package containing human teeth arrives at Riley’s desk, signaling that a killer really wants his crime aired.

Krentz, Jayne Ann  River Road  A forensic genealogist at a private investigation firm, Lucy Sheridan has returned for her aunt’s funeral to Summer River, where 13 years ago an older and wiser Mason Fletcher embarrassed her by rescuing her from a wild teen party. Now she discovers that more bad stuff went down that night than she realized – Mason, who works security, is ready to help her again.

Margolin, Phillip  Worthy Brown’s Daughter  One of a handful of lawyers in the new state of Oregon, recently widowed Matthew Penny agrees to help Worthy Brown, a newly freed slave, rescue his fifteen year old daughter, Roxanne, from their former master, a powerful Portland lawyer. Worthy’s lawsuit sets in motion events that lead to Worthy’s arrest for murder and create an agonizing moral dilemma that could send either Worthy or Matthew to the hangman.

Modesitt, L.E., Jr.  Rex Regis  Imager Quaeryt, a commander in the forces of Lord Bhayar, is about to see the continent of Lydar unified when high treason intervenes.

Oates, Joyce Carol  Carthage  When Zeno Mayfield’s daughter simply can’t be found in the small Appalachian town of Carthage, the entire community joins in the hunt. Folks are dismayed when the trail leads, perhaps bloodily, to an Iraq War hero with a close association to the family – and terrible memories of wartime atrocities.

Patterson, James & Emily Raymond  First Love  Axi Moore is a “good girl” who does what is expected of her, but really just wants to run away from it all. The only person she tells is her best friend, Robinson – who she also happens to be madly in love with. Axi impulsively invites Robinson to come with her on a cross-country road trip, but the adventure quickly turns from carefree to out-of-control.

Quindlen, Anna  Still Life With Bread Crumbs  The novel begins with an imagined gunshot and ends with a new tin roof. Between the two is a wry and knowing portrait of Rebecca Winter, a photographer whose work made her an unlikely heroine for many women. Her career is now descendent, her bank balance shaky, and she has fled the city for the middle of nowhere. There she discovers, in a tree stand with a roofer named Jim Bates, that what she sees through a camera lens is not all there is to life.

Rankin, Ian  Saints of the Shadow Bible  Rebus is investigating a car accident when news arrives that a case from 30 years ago is being reopened. Rebus’s team from those days is suspected of helping a murderer escape justice to further their own ends. Malcolm Fox, in what will be his last case as an internal affairs cop, is tasked with finding out the truth.

Sigler, Scott  Pandemic  The alien intelligence that’s been trying to wipe out humanity has met a well-deserved end, but not before dropping a little canister of lethal germs deep underwater. Now, with one slight disturbance, a quarter of humanity is afflicted and near death.

Taylor, Brad  The Polaris Protocol  Taskforce operators Pike Logan and Jennifer Cahill learn that Jennifer’s brother has been kidnapped by a Mexican drug cartel aiming to bring down the United States with a GPS hack that can send false signals disrupting everything from bank transfers to cruise missiles.

Unger, Lisa  In the Blood  Having built her life on lies, college senior Lana is primed to match wits with the little monster she’s now babysitting, even if he has been expelled from schools nationwide. But when she conceals her whereabouts on the night of her best friend disappears, the secret she’s been hiding look ready to surface.

Wolf, Dick  The Execution  23 bodies marked with the distinctive hummingbird symbol of the assassin Chuparosa are found beheaded on the U.S.-Mexico border, which sends Det. Cecilia Garza of the Mexican intelligence agency straight to New York, where she learns Chuparosa is heading next. There, she joins forces with a somewhat unsettled Jeremy Fisk, charged with keeping the city safe during United Nations week.

Woods, Stuart  Standup Guy  After giving legal advice to a polite and polished gentleman, Stone Barrington discovers that several shady types seem unusually interested in the man’s activities, and soon an old crime looms as the reason.


Beaton, M.C.  Death of a Policeman  When Detective Chief Inspector Blair sends eager rookie Cyril Sessions to monitor series stalwart Sgt. Hamish Macbeth, whom Blair would so love to can, Sessions ends up murdered and Macbeth ends up a suspect.

Berenson, Alex  The Counterfeit Agent A station chief dies shortly after the CIA receives a warning from a disillusioned Iranian Revolutionary Guard commander, so the next warning – about a radioactive package en route from Dubai to the United States – is taken seriously. Still, high-ups are having doubts, so John Wells is sent on a private mission to scope out the claim.

Brockmann, Suzanne  Do or Die  Navy SEAL Ian Dunn, who’s been asked to rescue two children held in a South American embassy and is relying on help from Phoebe Kruger, a new lawyer at the firm where he’s long been a client and the sort of warm, witty presence Ian really needs.

Connolly, John & Jennifer Ridyard  Conquest  This first book in a stunning new science fiction trilogy introduces a world where humanity has been conquered by a powerful alien rulership – unless a group of young rebels can unlock their powers and help rescue humankind from its terrible fate.

Cook, Robin  Cell  The iDoc is one smart smartphone, serving as a fully customizable personal physician offering effective diagnosis and treatment. The only problem: radiology resident George Wilson’s fiancée and other patients have died during beta testing.

Evanovich, Janet & Goldberg Lee  The Chase  Thief and con artist Nicolas Fox and Special FBI Agent Kate O’Hare team up to catch Carter Grove, a former White House chief of staff and the ruthless leader of a private security agency. Grove has stolen a rare Chinese artifact from the Smithsonian, and Nick and Kate must work under the radar to devise a plan to steal it back.

Ferris, Monica  The Drowning Spool Betsy Devonshire, owner of the Crewel World needlework shop, decides to earn a little extra cash by teaching a need technique class at the local senior complex, Watered Silk. Unfortunately, a young woman is found floating in Watered Silk’s therapy pool, and Betsy’s sleuthing skills are immediately called upon to figure out who drowned her.

Fluke, Joanne  Blackberry Pie Murder  Hannah Swenson accidentally hits a stranger with her cookie truck while driving down a winding road in a thunderstorm. Hannah is wracked with guilt, and things get worse when she’s arrested for murder. But an autopsy reveals the man, his shirt covered in blackberry pie stains, would have died even if Hannah hadn’t hit him. Now Hannah must uncover the mystery in order to clear her name.

Harrison, Kim  The Undead Pool  Our heroine, witch and day-walking demon Rachel Morgan, has kept the demonic ever after from shrinking to puddle size, but can she stop the civil war that’s looming? You bet she can.

Hoffman, Alice  The Museum of Extraordinary Things  Coralie Sardie, whose father owns Coney Island’s Museum of Extraordinary Things, where Coralie performs as a mermaid, encounters Eddie Cohen one night as he photographs trees shining with moonlight along the Hudson. He’s a Russian immigrant who has better things to do with his life than remain in his father’s Lower East Side Orthodox community as an apprentice tailor. Even as their romance unfolds, Eddie captures images of the horrific Triangle Shirtwaist Factory fire and investigates a girl’s disappearance.

Jance, J.A.  Moving Target  Lance Tucker, an incarcerated juvenile offender and talented hacker, is set on fire one night and severely burned while hanging Christmas decorations in a lockup rec room. B. Simpson, Ali Reynold’s fiancé and the man who helped put Lance in jail, feels obligated to get to the bottom of what happened.

Kellerman, Jonathan  Killer  Psychologist Alex Delaware dismisses a death threat uttered by Beverly Hills physician Constance Sykes, whose efforts to obtain legal custody of her baby niece were blocked by Alex’s testimony in court. But according to LAPD buddy Milo Sturgis, word on the street says that a hit has been taken out on Alex. Then Sykes is found slain, and both her niece and her sister have vanished.

Lippman, Laura  After I’m Gone  Investigating cold cases for some extra cash, retired Baltimore detective Roberto “Sandy” Sanchez looks into the murder 26 years earlier of Julie, once mistress to rich but shady businessman Felix Brewer, who disappeared ten years before Julie’s death. No one knows what happened to Felix, but Sandy soon finds himself untangling a web of greed, jealousy, and deceit linking Julie; Felix’s devoted wife, Bambi; and their three daughters.

McCall Smith, Alexander  The Forever Girl Thursday falls for James as a six-year-old, but he drifts off – about the time Thursday’s mom falls out of love with her husband and notices James’s father noticing her. Thursday follows James to college and eventually around the world – to London, Sydney, and Singapore – each time remaking her life in a bid to recapture James’s attention. 

McMahon, Jennifer  The Winter People  A century after Sara Harrison Shea was found dead behind her Vermont house following the tragic loss of her daughter, Ruthie lives in the same house with her sister and their mother, Alice. When Alice disappears, Ruthie finds Sara’s crumbling diary under the floorboards and starts seeing eerie parallels.

Michaels, Fern  Kiss and Tell 

Nesbo, Jo  The Cockroaches  When the Norwegian ambassador to Thailand is found dead in a Bangkok brothel, Inspector Harry Hole is dispatched from Oslo to help hush up the case.  

Oke, Janette & Laurel Oke Logan  Where Courage Calls  After years of schooling, Beth Thatcher has graduated and is determined to become a teacher. But when she’s assigned the position no one else wants – in the tiny mining town of Coal Valley – she worries she doesn’t have the courage to accept.

Patterson, James & Mark Sullivan  Private L.A.  Not surprisingly, when private investigator Jack Morgan looks into the disappearance of Hollywood golden couple Thom and Jennifer Harlow, renowned for their acting, their philanthropy, and their adorable children, he finds dark secrets at odds with the Harlows’ picture-perfect reputation.

Quick, Matthew  The Good Luck of Right Now Devoted to his mother for his entire 38 years, Bartholomew Neil struggles to find himself when she dies, eventually using a “Free Tibet” letter from the actor Richard Gere he finds in her drawer to reach out to Gere and others in an effort to make a new life.

Robb, J.D.  Concealed in Death  Here’s Lt. Eve Dallas, still holding forth in mid-2000s New York City and mightily discomfited by some demolition her husband has done in a long-abandoned building that once housed a center for troubled teens. He’s uncovered two skeletons wrapped in plastic, which leads to Eve’s investigating 12 murders.


Archer, Jeffrey  Be Careful What You Wish For  With Ross Buchanan out as chair of the Barrington Shipping Company, Don Pedro Martinez pushes his own candidate for evil purposes. Jessica Clifton becomes engaged, but her mother-in-law wreaks havoc. And the entire narrative starts with the statement, “Sebastian is dead.”

Black, Benjamin  The Black-Eyed Blonde  On a hot and draggy day in early 1950s Bay City, CA, a predictably stunning young woman comes to Philip Marlowe’s office to ask him to locate her former lover. But Nico Peterson’s disappearance is just the first in a long chain of complicated events.

Bowen, Rhys  City of Darkness and Light  Molly must move to Paris with her young son in order to escape a gang who wishes to retaliate against her family after her husband makes a big arrest in New York City. Unable to find her friends in Paris, Molly is lead to the doorstep of a renowned artist who has just been murdered.  Molly begins to wonder if she and her son are in more danger in the City of Lights than they were at home.

Box, C.J.  Stone Cold  Joe Pickett investigates a mysterious Black Hills rancher whose two companions include a “stone cold” killer and, even worse, a bad-news guy from Pickett’s past.

Brackston, Paula  The Midnight Witch  A strong-minded young witch, whose lily-livered brother inherits the title Duke of Radnor even as she becomes Head Witch of the Lazarus Coven. The two romantic interests in Lilith’s life signify the split between beautiful aristocrat and powerful sorceress.

Brennan, Allison  Notorious  Cold-case investigative reporter Maxine Revere is attending the funeral of former friend Kevin, accused of strangling another friend back in high school, when Kevin’s sister buttonholes her to insist that Kevin did not kill himself. It gets more complicated when Maxine is asked to investigate another murder at her old school.

Briggs, Patricia  Night Broken  Mercy’s mate Adam’s ex-wife is in trouble, on the run from her new boyfriend. Adam tries to help Christy, but Mercy can’t shake the feeling that something isn’t right. Mercy learns that Christy wants Adam back and turns the pack against Mercy. Mercy isn’t going down without a fight, but discovers that Christy’s ex is more than a bad man – in fact, he may not be human at all… and the bodies start piling up.

Brooks, Terry  The High Druid’s Blade: The Defenders of Shannara  When a sorcerer makes off with his sister, Paxon Leah follows with the old family sword, discovering it’s magical powers and a plot to wipe out the Druids.

Carr, Robyn  Four Friends  Gerri, Andy, Sonja, and BJ are four friends determined to find their stride. This honest look at marriage examines the challenges, heartaches, and sacrifices along with the joy in discovering what it means to be a wife, mother, lover, friend…and most important: your true self.

Childs, Laura  Steeped in Evil  Theodosia Browning has never considered herself a wine connoisseur – tea has always been her forte. But that doesn’t mean she’s going to pass up an invitation to a fancy wine-tasting party at the upscale Knighthall Winery. But a sweet evening takes on a bitter aftertaste when a dead body is discovered in one of the wine barrels. The son of proprietor Jordan Knight has been murdered.

Coben, Harlan  Missing You  A heart-pounding thriller that challenges NYPD Detective Kat Donovan’s feelings about everyone she ever loved – her former fiancé, her mother, and even her father, whose cruel murder so long ago has never been fully explained.

Crombie, Deborah  To Dwell in Darkness  Duncan is investigating a lethal bombing in famed St. Pancras Station after having just been transferred to the London borough of Camden from Scotland Yard headquarters. Gemma’s assistant saw it all, but a crucial witness has vanished, and the victim was a protester who had intended to set off only a smoke bomb.

Cussler, Clive & Justin Scott  The Bootlegger  This Det. Issac Bell novel opens in 1920. Prohibition has bred bootlegging, and when his boss is nearly killed chasing down a rum-running vessel, Isaac goes after the perpetrators. Then a witness is killed in a manner reminiscent of the Russian secret police, and Isaac knows that his troubles have gone global.

Daheim, Mary  The Alpine Yeoman  Another small-town murder, this one at the state fish hatchery, sets Alpine Advocate editor and publisher Emma Lord on the penultimate addition to this popular series. Emma can’t verify anything about the victim, so she can’t even run a story. Then there are all those runaway teenage girls, with no one willing to share insights.

Estleman, Loren  Don’t Look for Me  In his 23rd outing, PI Amos Walker decides not to ignore a note from a missing woman that says, “Don’t look for me,” and soon finds himself mulling over Mafia connections after discovering a corpse in a store basement.

Garrison, Paul  Robert Ludlum’s The Janson Option  Even as he joins with champion sharpshooter Jessica Kincaid to help burned-out agents find new lives, Paul Janson does international crisis management for a fee, as long as the cause is good. Now he’s agreed to rescue an oil executive’s wife from Somali pirates, in part because he sees it as leverage to keep a huge multinational from subverting the rights of sovereign nations in East Africa.

Graham, Heather  Waking the Dead  The painting Ghosts in the Mind is reputed to come to life – and to bring death. The artist was a friend of Lord Byron and Mary Shelley, joining them in Switzerland during 1816, “the year without a summer.” That was when they all explored themes of horror and depravity in their art. Now, almost two hundred years later, the painting appears in New Orleans. Wherever it goes, death seems to follow.

Green, Jane  Tempting Fate  Happily married at 43, Gabby has no reason to be interested in the younger guy at the other end of the bar. But he does make her feel special again, and she starts out by risking emotional involvement. What’s the price she’ll finally pay?

Grippando, James  Black Horizon  Following a drilling explosion in Cuban waters, not so far from the Deepwater Horizon disaster, attorney Jack Swyteck finds himself representing a woman whose husband died on the oil rig.

Herbert, Brian & Kevin J. Anderson  Mentats of Dune  Even as Gilbertus Albans promotes his Mentat school, which aims to teach humans the techniques of thinking machines, long ago wiped out, the anti-technology Butlerian fanatics make their bid, and both the mutated Navigators and Mother Superior Raquella’s Sisterhood seek to secure a better fate for humanity.

James, Eloisa  Three Weeks With Lady X  Having made a fortune, Thorn Dautry, the powerful bastard son of a duke, decides he needs a wife. But to marry a lady, Thorn must acquire a gleaming, civilized façade, the specialty of Lady Xenobia India. India vows to make Thorn marriageable, but neither Thorn nor India anticipate the forbidden passion that explodes between them.

LaPlante, Alice  A Circle of Wives  A distinguished plastic surgeon and civic leader is found dead in a hotel room. Turns out that he was a polygamist three times over, with separate wives – and separate lives – in three different cities. A big case for Det. Samantha Adams, and big questions about how well one knows one’s spouse.

Macomber, Debbie  Blossom Street Brides  Lauren Elliott schemes to get her workaholic boyfriend to propose, which leads her to another dreamboat entirely. Bethanne Scranton loves her new husband, but their long-distance marriage is strained, and Bethanne’s pleading ex is back in town. Lauren and Bethanne are both customers as A Good Yarn, whose owner, Lydia, is happily married but worried about the fate of her store – until someone launches a secret campaign to help.

McKevett, G.A.  Killer Physique  P.I. Savannah Reid investigates the death of Jason Tyrone, America’s favorite muscled action hero. Jason’s autopsy reveals that he may have gotten his killer body by doping. Savannah does not want to believe it and becomes immersed in the dark world of body enhancing drugs, and wondering if the world-class gym where Jason worked out is really just a front for a lucrative drug ring.

Patterson, James & Marshall Karp  NYPD Red 2  When a wealthy woman is found slaughtered and tied to a Central Park carousel horse, the elite task force NYPD Red is dispatched.

Penman, Sharon Kay  A King’s Ransom  Penman’s new novel covers Richard, Coeur de Lion’s imprisonment by the Holy Roman Emperor as he sailed home from the Third Crusade and the efforts of his mother, Eleanor of Aquitaine, to secure his release.

Perry, Anne  Death on Blackheath  Initially surprised to be investigating two incidents at the home of naval weapons expert Dudley Kynaston that hardly seem a threat to national security, Thomas Pitt starts seeing the light when a third, nastier incident suggests that some sort of conspiracy is afoot.

Robinson, Peter  Children of the Revolution  The body of a former college professor sent packing for sexual misconduct lies untended in an abandoned railway line, and Detective Chief Inspector Alan Banks want to know why he has 5,000 pounds in his pocket. Then he’s told to cease and desist.

Rosenfelt, David  Without Warning  After 13 years, Kate Callahan is finally over her husband’s suicide following his arrest for the murder of Police Chief Sean Blaylock’s wife. But then the town opens a time capsule after 50 years and finds a prediction of the murder, along with other tragedies that have come to pass. Who’s responsible?

Sanderson, Brandon  Words of Radiance  The humans in the magical land of Roshar find war with the Parshendi escalating, even as the slave Kaladin emerges as leader of the restored Knights Radiant.

Steel, Danielle  Power Play  CEO Fiona Carson, dedicatedly raising her children on her own after the end of her long and loveless marriage. Liz Weston, who happily gave up a law career to be a corporate wife. Ashley Briggs, a young artist raising her twin daughters mostly on her own. They all meet significantly in Steel’s new work.

Steinhauer, Olen  The Cairo Affair  When a diplomat at the American embassy in Hungary is shot to death, his distraught wife, Sophie; Cairo-based CIA agent Stan Bertolli; Egyptian agent Omar Halawi; and American analyst Jibril Aziz all converge in Cairo, where the victim was once assigned.

White, Randy Wayne  Bone Deep  When a stone fetish disappears from a Crow Indian tribe, Doc Ford finds himself in Florida’s infamous Bone Valley, investigating both murderous black marketeers and the ruthless owners of a multi-billion-dollar strip-mining phosphate firm.



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